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Marijke Timmerman (1985) works, lives and breathes as an illustrator and researcher. She is part of creative design duo Dik&Stijlloos and graduated in 2009 from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Marijke always strives to find the ideal balance between observing and making a statement. Often times, her research and visual stories start off with an observation. A matter that catches her eye, an item that cannot go by unnoticed. The little things and big changes you would rather ignore, but are better faced head-on. Marijke offers an interesting perspective on seemingly common and ordinary subjects, such as our ways with food.

What she says about the book and how it came to be: “This book started out as a personal frustration of mine: why does my mind always tempt me to consume more than my body needs? I was frustrated over food becoming such an easily disposable product, while so many people in the world are starving. Standing in a supermarket, I feel overwhelmed by the abundance of product choices. I wondered what influence marketeers have on our eating habits. I started a small research project and translated my findings into visualizations. By visualizing my observations and illustrating my point of view, I gained a clear insight into these questions. The reason we eat is certainly not only in response to a physical need anymore, but also involves a psychological need. Sometimes my findings shocked me, at other times they were somewhat comforting. Today, I’m more aware of why, how and what I eat. I have more control over the choices I make regarding food. I’ve collected all my visualizations on the subject in this book. This book is not meant to impose yet another opinion on the subject matter, nor will it tell you what to do. It will not give you pointers for a healthy lifestyle. But it will provide you with a clear image and a better understanding of how we handle our food in western society.”