In our western society, food is sold everywhere, stores are always fully stocked, and the food is always fresh. Instead of having to hunt for our sustenance, it now actually takes effort for us to avoid it. At the same time, we are obsessed with nutrition. There currently is an explosion of diets, food gurus, low-fat products, and TV shows on weight loss. How do we respond to this abundant supply of food?

The True Size of Food is a richly illustrated book about our absurd ways with food. Designer and author Marijke Timmerman examines how we deal with nutrition and food in a matter that is characteristic for creative designers: visually, often by means of infographics and investigation.

Her book is no cookbook, nor a book with commands and restrictions regarding food. Rather, what fascinates the author is the incredible abundance of food surrounding us everywhere. And that nowadays, instead of having to gather food, we actually have to restrain ourselves or at least be open to making more conscious choices.

By investigating the measurable side to our nutrition and our eating behaviors, the author provides us with surprising insights into our often absurd manner of dealing with food. With obvious enjoyment she visualizes the differences between an apple and a mars bar, the expiration date of various fresh and packaged foods and the ingredients of various food products. She also depicts the stress brought on by the sheer volume of choices were faced with standing in the supermarket aisles. Are you hungry for more yet?