NEWS | 13-05-2015


The True Size of Food is all about raising awareness to our absurd ways with food. The book includes topics that could be useful in education on food. Not in terms of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but in perceiving a clear vision by means of visual, out-of-context examples.  We are confident that a combination of creative learning methods and other games could be a winning approach in developing new teaching programs on food. Therefor,  we are going to create an education tool on food for elementary school students.

While the book is in English, the project for elementary schools will have a Dutch title: ‘De Ware Grootte van Eten.’


The idea of transforming our concept to an education tool is still at a very early stage. We spoke to teachers and approached a sponsor who is interested in financially supporting our idea.

Most education tools focus on weight, exercise and divide everything into the category ‘good’ or ‘bad’. With the True Size of Food, we don’t want to sound ‘teachy’, but we do want to raise awareness on our ways with food. We get very excited just thinking about what a great effect this could have on our educational system.

We take on this challenge in collaboration with Lisa Vorst, graduating student from Hogeschool Utrecht.

“I study our target group and the creative learning methods hidden in The True Size of Food. I’ll mold my research into prototypes for educational tools and test them out. The True Size of Food is a beautiful project. The message is in the awakening. This message is educational for anybody. I hope we awaken children, teachers and parents with our tool. I can’t wait!” – Lisa Vorst

During research, we’re in touch with elementary school children. We want to get familiar and observe very closely. We work all of these findings into our program. It’s important the tool can be used without external support, a device teachers can use themselves. That’s why the project won’t be presented as a service, but as a product. The launch is planned around the autumn of 2015. We will keep you posted!



Craving more? So do I. My hunger for answers and fascination for our ways with food never ceases. I share new insights, findings, visuals and extended chapters on my blog. I’ll also share inspiration about our interesting behavior with food and other interesting news about the book.